A lover of dogs, AMC television, and food, Nick Branch has had a camera since his 10th grade journalism class. It was a Kodak Easyshare that he kind of took from his parents. Since then photography has been a passion for ever since! A graduate of Savannah College of Art & Design, Nick has worked at magazines in Savannah, Charleston, and Atlanta that was unsatisfying at best. It was just natural for him to escape from that tragedy by taking up his camera once again. One thing led to another and many of his friends said “Nick why are you at that company, when you should be sharing your incredible vision with the world?

”For the past 3 years Nick has been working in the wedding industry as well as fashion and portraiture, with an approach that is simple, clean, straightforward, and bold. His work is honest, which is the best way to describe his craft.

His awesome spouse, Kristin of 2 years with their wonderful Beagle, Millie have supported him on this photographic adventure we call life. He looks forward to capturing those special moments of your life and making the art that is within you come into view!


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